Broadcast Prof RVR TEX 30w LCDS FM Transmitter Wide Band 88 108 Mhz – NEW FCC


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RVR Elettronica TEX30LCD/S is a good solution for a low power fm transmitting station or as an exciter for a bigger fm amplifier broadcast system.

High quality at a very attractive price.Ideal for use as exciters in compact and modular system.

FeaturesPRIMARY APPLICATION: high quality at a very attractive price.Ideal for use as exciters in compact and modular system.HARDWARE FEATURES: compact, non-deformable and light thanks to the stainless steel chassis, in 2 rack units only.USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES: universal 80-260 V multi-voltage power supply enables operation without preselect voltage. Four pushbuttons for user/device interaction and software that offers a simple, intuitive interface.RELIABILITY/CONTINUITY: APC (Automatic Power Control) and Foldback protection ensure reliable operation under any operating conditions.

AUDIO PERFORMANCE: low distortion and intermodulation values and a high noise/signal ratio.

OPERATING EFFICIENCY: incorporate a PFC (Power Factor Corrector) power supply, that provides the utmost efficiency for enhanced energy saving and environmental protection, which ensure high efficiency across the bandwidth.

EASE OF MAINTENANCE: advanced module engineering ensures extreme of access and simple maintenance.

INTERFACE CONTROL: total control thanks to microprocessor easily programmed from menu with all key parameters displayed on LCD.

INPUT/OUTPUT INTERFACE: built-in high-performance stereo coder, L&R analogue audio inputs, Mono inputs, MPX composite signal and auxiliary inputs for SCA / RDS signals.

RDS APPLICATION: built-in RDS encoder with UECP standard functions (option).

REMOTE CONTROL: built-in telemetry system via GSM modem, battery and battery charger or via WEB or via SNMP (option).

REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: state-of-the-art technology in full compliance with EC, FCC and CCIR standards.

Technical specifications:

Rated Output Power: 30 W. (adjustable 0,3 – 30 Watt)
Power Consumption: 70 W.

– Weight: 7 Kg
– Dimensions: 1 Rack Unit (484 x 351 x 44 mm)
– AC Main: 110 / 220 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
– Consumption: 10 VA

AUDIO INPUT (1 and 2)
– Connector Type: XLR female el. bal.
– Max Input Level: + 20 dBu
– Level adjust: + / – 10 dB
– Impedance: 10 K O

– Connector Type: XLR male el. bal.
– Max Output Level: + 20 dBu
– Ouput Levels: 0, + 6 dBu (internal setting)
– Impedance: 100 K O

– Connector Type: Pin RCA
– Level: The same as XLR inputs and output
– Purpose: Unbal. mirror of XLR inputs and output

– Linearity: ± 0,1 dB 10 Hz ÷ 100 kHz
– Noise: < – 90 dB (DIN Noise)
– Crosstalk L to R: < – 80 dB @ 1 kHz

– Threshold: Adjustable, – 20 dB ÷ – 60 dB
– Detection delay: From a few seconds to a few minutes

– Connector type: DB 25 p female
– Devices: 5 relays, 10 photocouplers


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