Broadcast Prof RVR TEX 2500w LCD FM Transmitter Wide Band 88 108 Mhz – NEW – FCC


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RVR TEX2500GREEN is one of the best and most reliable fm broadcast transmitters on the market. High efficiency and compact design, discribes this fm transmitter in a few words. 2500 watt!

2500 watt output.
Build in stereo encoder.
RDS encoder build in as optional.
Remote control via GSM or IP as optional.



Some Specs:

Frequency range: FCC   CCIR    OIRT   JPN   CHN

Rated output power: 2500 W

AC Power input:

Active power Consumption: 3751W

Connector: Terminal Block

Dimensions: 483mm x  132mm x 670mm

Weight: About 31 kg

For more informations please read the Brochure

RVR TEX transmitters offer uncompromised transmission quality at a very attractive price. Ideal for use as drivers for mid-power stations or as transmitters in standalone applications. Adjustable power output from 0 Watt to maximum output power.

key audio features are low distortion and intermodulation values and a high noise/signal ratio.


RVR TEX transmitters are compact and indeformable thanks to the stainless steel chassis, in 3 rack units only.


dual, redundant power supply ensures limited-power operation in the event of a failure for maximum business continuity. APC (Automatic Power Control) and Foldback protection ensure reliable operation under any operating conditions.


advanced module engineering ensures extreme ease of access and simple maintenance.


total control thanks to microprocessor easily programmed from menu or via RS232 with all key parameters displayed on LCD.


built-in high-performance stereo coder, L&R analogue audio inputs, Mono inputs, MPX composite signal and auxiliary inputs for SCA / RDS signals.


built-in telemetry system with GSM modem, battery and battery charger (option).


state-of-the-art technology in full compliance with EC, FCC and CCIR standards.


pushbuttons for user/device interaction provide enhanced accessibility, resulting in extreme ease of use. Configuration software offers a simple, intuitive interface.


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